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About Me

Hi! My name is Nima Yousefi and this is my very handsome website. I’m the software engineer for Quote-Unquote Apps, the software arm of writer/director John August’s ever-expanding empire. We make Mac and iOS apps. And also Writer Emergency Pack. And the font Courier Prime. And some card games.

Previously, I was a graduate student in the Biological Sciences department at Columbia University doing cryo-electron microscopy of nematode touch receptor neurons. That sounds fancy, right? I’m a co-author on three Nature Cell Biology papers, and I got to work with two Nobel laureates, which is bonkers. Being a scientist was interesting, but most important thing I discovered was that I loved building cool software.

When not making apps or doing fancy science stuff I enjoy movies, reading, and writing. To date I’ve written three books, one of which was declared “The worst thing I’ve ever read,” by my mother. It’s cool though, because a year later she read one of Dan Brown’s books and rescinded her decree. I also wrote a Canadian zombie romantic comedy short film titled, “Date With the Dead”, which was produced in 2008. The film was all the rage in Newfoundland.


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