Hi! My name is Nima Yousefi and this is my very handsome blog. I’m the software developer for Quote Unquote Apps, the software arm of writer/director John August’s ever-expanding empire. We make Mac and iOS apps.

Previously, I was a graduate student in the Biological Sciences department at Columbia University doing cryo-electron microscopy of nematode touch receptor neurons. That sounds fancy, right? It was. I got to work with a Nobel Laureate and Ze Frank’s dad, among other awesome people.

When not making apps or doing fancy science stuff I enjoy writing. To date I’ve written three books, one of which was declared “The worst thing I’ve ever read,” by my mother. It’s cool though, because a year later she read one of Dan Brown’s books and rescinded her decree. I also wrote a Canadian zombie romantic comedy short film titled, “Date With the Dead”, which was produced by Tommy Gushue. The film was all the rage in Newfoundland in 2008.


This is my personal blog, and does not represent the views of my employer, co-workers, family, friends, pets, neighbors, or local bagel lady. Really, the content here probably shouldn’t be considered to represent my views, either. At the very least, I reserve the right to change my mind about anything I write here. I’m charmingly fickle.


I currently live in Los Angeles, CA, which means I’m probably stuck in traffic right now.




NimaYousefi.com is made with love. And bleeps and blorps, and other cool geek junk.