May 25 2011

FDX Reader's First Bug

Congrats to Khan Tang for finding the first FDX Reader bug.

Here’s the issue: if your script ends in either a character cue or a scene header, the app will crash because it’s expecting something to follow it.

Why would a screenplay end with one of those tags, anyway? In most cases, it’s because the screenwriter typed “The End” and used one of those tags instead of an action line. It’s not wrong. It’s just not what we were expecting.

We’ve already found and fixed the bug in our code. We just have to do some internal double-checking, and we’ll submit an update to the App Store that addresses this bug in the next day or so.

Apple’s review process can take a week, so in the meantime if you find that a particular script crashes when you try to run it, please check to see if the last line of your script is a character cue or a scene heading. If it is, you can change it to an action element so that it will work in the app until the update comes out.

You shouldn’t have to modify your files to work with FDX Reader. This is just a short term workaround while we get the update out.

On the other hand, if the app is crashing and your script doesn’t end with one of those element types, please let us know as soon as possible via the official email: App crashing bugs are our highest priority (we take all bugs seriously, of course, but the app shouldn’t crash, ever). If you don’t mind sharing a sample file that is crashing in the app, that would be extremely helpful. Of course, please don’t send a super top-secret Star Trek 2 script, or something of the like.

We hope you’re enjoying FDX Reader and finding it useful. We’ve been getting great feedback (good and bad). If you’ve got something to say, let us know.