May 24 2011

FDX Reader 1.0

John said it best: We made an app!.

FDX Reader is a screenplay reader for the iPad. You feed it a Final Draft XML formatted script, and you get a beautiful interface to read your work. The app was produced by screenwriter extraordinaire John August, designed by the brilliant Ryan Nelson, and coded by little ol’ me. It was beta tested by some amazing people, and the end result is a product we’re all immensely proud of.

J.J. Abrams (of Alias, Star Trek, Lost, Super 8 fame) says of our app:

Loving this app. Love the page color and graphics. Makes me want to go write something. Beautiful work.

Rob Thomas (of Veronica Mars, Party Down, and Cupid fame) says:

I throw all my active script files into Dropbox already, so FDX Reader is incredibly convenient. For me, two steps have been eliminated: conversion to PDF and syncing those files to my iPad. My working active scripts will always be available now.

I read a hundred scripts this staffing season, and they were all PDFs. Sure, I’m able to read them on my iPad, but without the ability to change type-size, I find the print is slightly too small for me to be totally happy. Life would’ve been much better if I’d had this app.

The app is currently avaiable in the App Store, and if you think you can use something like this, or just want to support cool independent iOS software development, please purchase a copy and leave us a nice review.

For more info you can check out John’s announcement, the official site built by Ryan, and the great introductory video John made to show off the app. If you have any questions about FDX Reader or find any bugs, please let us know. We’re working hard to make FDX Reader the best app it can be.